This was the official website for Battle. Battle was a UK indie rock band. Their sound consisted largely of post-punk, spacious guitar hooks and dance-orientated beats.
The band broke up around October 2007.
The content below is from the site's 2006 archived pages.
We remember.


This was the official website for Battle. Battle was a UK indie rock band. Their sound consisted largely of post-punk, spacious guitar hooks and dance-orientated beats.
The band broke up around October 2007.
The content below is from the site's 2006 archived pages.
We remember.


Author: Anthony Strutt
Date Published: 21/07/2006 |

Battle comprises of Jason Bavanandan (guitars and vocal), Oliver Davies (drums), Tim Scudder (bass), and James Ellis(guitar). 

Their debut single, 'Isabelle', came out CD on Fierce Panda in April of last year. A second single, 'Demons', which was released on both CD and vinyl, followed on Transgressive last September. They have since then gone on to release another two singles, 'Tendency' and Children', on Transgressive and have their as-yet-untitled debut album coming out there shortly. The latter two singles have had both a CD and two vinyl editions 

Pennyblackmusic caught up with Jason, James and Tim after their second acoustic gig at Pure Groove records to promote their third Transgressive release 'Children'. 

PB : I have known about Battle now for about a year now, and all my friends love the band, but I believe you were all in a band before that called the Killing Moon which, as an Echo and the Bunnymen fan, I didn't know about but I would of definitely checked out. Was that your first band? 

JB : When we were the Killing Moon, we weren't very good at all. No one knew us. 

PB : But you did do a Radio 1 showcase, didn't you ? 

TS : It wasn't a showcase. The four of us have been in this band for four years now, and Battle is like our fourth or fifth name. We did a demo in April 2004, and that got sent in to the unsigned bit on the Radio 1 website. It was selected for that and there was some industry interest in the Killing Moon, but we were terrible up until our last six months under that name. We recorded the demo as the Killing Moon, then we changed our name to Battle because we preferred it. 

PB : Did you all know each other from school or university and did it all grow from there ? 

JE : Jason and I were friends at school, and we went to university to form a band basically. We are from South London originally but all four of us are from all over the place. We all started playing together at university which was at Canterbury. But Jason and I met at school when we were about 15, which was seven or eight years ago now. 

PB : Your first single came out on Fierce Panda. Did it do better than you expected because there was quite a buzz about the band immediately ? 

JB : It is weird how a buzz can sometimes work because I don't know what it is based on. We hadn't done a lot of well received gigs at that stage, but I think people were talking in certain circles. We didnt print too many copies, about a thousand. 

PB : That is about standard for Fierce Panda and most small indies. 

JB :And they went pretty quickly. 

JE : At the time, we had quite a few people that wanted to release it, but Simon Williams (Fierce Panda's owner-Ed) was one of the few nice guys in the industry whom was into what we wanted to do. We were pleased. 

PB : You're now on Transgressive which was pretty small when you first joined them. How did they get involved with you ? 

JB : I remember when I first met Tim from Transgressive, who is its co-owner. They were the same generation, the same age and they talked about their plans about forming a record company and it was the same reasons why we formed a band. 

PB : I believe you're the first band to sign a long time deal with them. 

TS : We were the first band to hook up with them, with the view to sticking out an album and developing over a period of time. We wanted to be a career band which strangely is a band that want to make more than one record. We want to make records for as long as we feel that we are good. and that we are into it. A lot of bands get signed on the strength that they will be doing stuff for six to eighteen months and then disappear. 

PB : You have now released four singles. How far are you into the album then? 

JB : It is finished. We are waiting for a September release. We have just finished the tour promoting 'Children' and then there will be another single, then the album and then another single, and maybe 
another one after that. 

PB : How would you describe your sound then ? 

JB :. How would you describe it ? 

PB : Well, my friends have said it is like the Bunnymen, which I don't see.

JB : Me neither. 

PB : Your voice sounds to me like a cross between Joe Strummer and Pete Doherty. You do seem to have an anthemic sound. 

JB : Anthems to me are poppy, but I don't think we are a pop band. A lot of our songs are short. I think of bands like the Kooks as a pop band. I think we can be a bit more self indulgent. 

JE : The only thing I would say is that we are trying to be honest and so music fans should accept who we are. That is his face and that is his voice. It is the same as Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys, talking about that 'Fake Tales of San Francisco' and bands singing in a fake accent. 

PB : Whereas you open your mouth and you sing in a way that feels natural. Both 'Tendency' and 'Chidlren' came out in coloured vinyl editions. Is it you who does that and decides on the colours or is that a record company idea ? 

JB : No, we been really luckly creatively. We have absolutely 
complete control over everything. We look at the artwork, and then we choose the colour from that. I try and keep it simple. 

PB : The art work is quite striking. It is all done by your sister Melissa, isn't it ? 

JB : Yeah. 

PB : Do you give her any clues to what to do or do you just give her the song to listen to ? 

JB : She only just saw us play for the first time on this last tour because she didn't want it to influence her on the artwork. All she had to go on was the song. Sometimes she ask me about lyrics and she works off that. 

PB : Thank you.




Ed note: Strange at it may seem Battle briefly held a reputation as a band with a fan base with a good sized number of US lawyers. After being discovered by vacationing paralegals from a Louisiana based maritime legal team at who wrote effusive reviews on Facebook and Twitter, word of mouth did the rest. In addition to the American attorneys, youthful solicitors and barristers joined in the fray. There were jokes about how if you got busted for smoking weed at a Battle concert, members of the audience could take your case and represent you in court.



The band known as Battle began to form a decade ago outside a school in South London. Bunking PE to play guitar, Jason Bavanandan and Jamie Ellis were inspired in equal measure by The Beatles, Motown, Britpop and Nirvana. In 2000, the pair left school for Kent University in search of a band. It took time. After myriad line-ups and unfortunate blues-rock excursions, they met Pixies enthusiast Tim Scudder and later, garage-head Oliver Davies. The four instantly clicked. Yet after two years of committed practice and sporadic gigging, the group remained unheralded. Their desire intensified. Leaving Canterbury, the band moved to a disused bank vault in Luton and continued their work. Finally, things began to change. After a brace of rapturously received gigs in Lewisham, the people who talk began to talk. The band secured new management and studio time which led to the demo, 'Tendency' and wider interest. The band changed their name to Battle in an attempt to convey how they fought for their dreams. This ideal of struggle and aspiration pervades much of their work. Since the turn of 2005, Battle have embarked on a series of small tours and released the singles, 'Isabelle/ Feel The Same' and 'Demons/ Damascus'. They are presently preparing their first album.

Beneath are the people who form the core structure of what we sadly refer to as 'Team Battle'


Jamie - DOB: 31/03/82 - Car Sign: Ford Tauras

Many might say that James Ellis is Rakish. But that can only refer to the inordinate amount of time spent on tour buses and late at night with 2005 touring partners The Rakes. There are many things that Battle’s lead guitarist likes, but inevitability, it’s playing the guitar that he does best and fortunately, likes the most. You can also engage him on matters of Apple Powerbooks, mobile technology, guitar pedals – the Reverse Delay is a particular favourite – and the power of sugar. The edible item, not the teenage girl’s magazine.

Most likely to be found: ‘Recharging’ on large doses of sweet items and looking for bananas.


Jason - DOB: 15/11/81 - Car Sign: Toyota Aries

The enigmatic singer is a terrible cliché, but one that has befallen Jason Bavanandan. However, those in the know realise that he’s merely an incredibly vague and seemingly lost person. If it was an act many moons ago, it’s sadly become nothing more than a stark reality. Jason likes nothing apart from music, except perhaps theorising on the state of South East London. Which is not a good conversation to have.

Most likely to be found: Regretting many things that he’s done. Or perhaps picking himself out of a gutter having fallen over the curb-side whilst lost in thought regarding musical triads (not the dangerous street gang – the note patterns).


Oliver - DOB: 16/02/83 - Car Sign: Mazda Leo

If only Oli could merge the phrases ‘happy’ and ‘go-lucky’: then surely he would be the most carefree person in the world. Unfortunately, the young man has such little luck that he can only be ‘happy’. Which isn’t a bad thing, except his wish for total responsibility-based annihilation will never be complete. He still has to get out of bed in the morning. Oli has a bemusing love for documentaries, especially horrible ones about the war where people die in grisly ways. For Mr Davies, fact is far more gruesome than fiction. But really, it’s drums, drums, drums.

Most likely to be found: Making strange voyages to Tower Hill for reasons we don’t understand. 


Tim - DOB: 31/12/80 - Car Sign: Mercedes Sagittarius

Tim is a man who will never be a lead singer. Mainly because his vocal chords were removed for everyone else’s safety. Instead, he thrums the bass like a man driven towards the promise of so much more. A preferred meal for Tim and his loved ones would be vegetables and pasta; on special days, rice may be involved. Apparently Tim has drunken alcohol, but those who have seen him do so were quickly removed from society – for their sakes. Tim likes bands, but he’s very particular about which bands. Good ones, and those are few and far between.

Most likely to be found: Haranging Jason for not being so goddamned vague and to make a decision. Otherwise, at home, happy.


Gareth Dobson- DOB: 17/07/79 - Car Sign: Renault Cancer

"You can be a bit like Ryan Gentles from The Strokes", they said. Which is fine and dandy. Gareth would like to be akin to the good-looking, superhip, satorially responsive manager that Ryan is, except none of the above descriptions apply. At all. Apart from in 1994 when he wore plaid shirts, fitting in perfectly with the grunge era. Sadly, fashion has moved on, while Gareth's wardroble has not. Still, he serves his purposes with grim vigour and is the most drunken DJ the world has ever seen.

Most likely to be found: On the phone telling the record company that "everything's alright. Honestly ". 


Chris Myhill - DOB: unknown - Car Sign: more of a motorbike man

Chris started it all off running and booking bands at the wonderfully named Club Spangle. Sadly, this Barbie 'n Rock event folded whilst he continued to help bands play gigs across Europe. Gareth met him in a pub in Camden, and as the world of Battle began, he hammered Chris to book gigs for them. Which ultimately he did. If Chris didn't like you, you probably wouldn't know so. He's that pleasant. However, this does make Battle very paranoid. He still books the gigs, so hopefully that's a good sign...

Most likely to be found: Attending his band's gigs. Like a man who actually likes the bands he works with. Which is a rariety. And cool.


Neil Ridley - DOB: 1975 - Car Sign: Mini Cooper Pisces

The record company man. What is there to say about the A&R man that doesn't sound cliched and won't fall back into recrimination and cheap gags? Well, Ridlington (as he's given to be called by Team Battle) is a man who appears to like music. He wears a lot of hats and this summer went to Hawaii. Ridders cares about his bands a lot. So much so in fact, that he looks like he's going to have a coronary daily. He also has given up smoking 27 times since March 2005. We love Neil though. Really.

Most likely to be found: Staring at the diary with the rough band plan, sweating and calling the band. Frantically. 


Tim and Toby Transgressive - DOB: mid-eighties - Car Sign: BMW Leo

Two people who work together, play together and probably even share their girlfriends. So much so, that they have developed the joint monikor of 'T&T', or, given Tim's post-gastro conditions, perhaps 'TNT' would be more appropriate. Together, they form Transgressive Records and have spent much of this year guiding the fortunes of Battle. Perhaps as a sad indictment of the conservative fearfulness of Battle, it's usually Tim and Toby who are chided for their unorthodox yet visionary ideas. So unfortunately for you, there might be some time before the planned single-sided, etched, hand-crafted pottery mill vinyl with liquorice bootlace cover. But we love them and they're great.

Most likely to be found: Hanging out with obscure bands and plotting major label domination. A contradictory bunch to be sure... 


Maaaaahhhk Bowen - DOB: We wouldn't like to say. Car Sign: Unknown

The man Battle turn to when they're scared of the big bad world. So naturally, a hotline to the offices of Wichita Records (co-founded by MB) has been set up from the band's rehearsal room. Mark has a story and opinion for everything, many of which are off-the-record and off-the-wall. An encyclopedic knowledge of American Indie 1983-2005, MB has also spent a lot of time releasing said records.

Most likely to be found: saying: "Fucking hell". 
Contact: Top Secret for fear of being deluged by American indie bands


Ash Brown - DOB: 05/11/72 Car Sign: Lada Virgo

The fixer. The man who can. A man of proud Welsh desecent, a cockney twang and nine years in the Army. A Tour Manager, obviously. What goes on tour, stays on tour. thankfully, Ash goes on tour. He has also gone on tours with horrible bands with bad people in them, and he didn't kill them. Therefore he has the patience of a saint. With the abilities of a trained killer. Perfect for a cold night in Bournemouth when the promoter's refusing to rub the band's feet.

Most likely to be found: In a tour bus. 


Chris 'JC' Kiely - DOB: Never found out: Car Sign: Bentley Capricorn-ed Beef

On his Myspaz site, Chris describes himself as a 'First rate Drum Tech, second rate Guitar Tech and third rate Boyfriend. None of this we can argue with. One of the few men that Battle can spend any amount of time on tour with, JC is as good in a cooped up tour van as he is standing naked at the helm of a cross-channel ferry. And we have pictures to prove that. We've also met his girlfriend, and she's lovely.

Most like to be found: Belching. 

Headline 2006

The next single will be released on March 6th, and will have a couple of new, exclusive b-sides (I Am The Driver, Pineapple Girl) and will be called 'Tendency'. Released on CD, two x 7" and download, it will be available for all to buy after the first couple of now-sold-out indie singles. Battle for the masses! The vinyl is extra special - The two 7"s will be a lovely red - the first one will be in a gatefold package with room to slip in vinyl no.2 ( a Hot Chip remix). So you can have an entire four track EP for a couple of quid...

A word of warning though, the Hot Chip remix will be limited, so we recommend pre-ordering it so as to keep the set complete. Hot Chip completists will also be after the record - and why not? Hot Chip are a damn fine band, and it's a damn fine remix, so it will go.

You can pre-order it in the coming weeks from HMV and Virgin, and also those fine independent sellers at places like Jumbo in Leeds, Piccadilly in Manchester and London's Rough Trade and Pure Groove. Oh, you know the sort... good people, all.


The video for 'Tendency' has been finished and soon will be sent to those people who play videos, so keep your eyes peeled. Or perhaps merely wait for us to send you a little note about it. Regardless, we feel it's a step forwards in Battle's audio/visual career, so we feel it's pretty good. The vid will be up on Myspace (inevitably) and this website by the end of the week. And that's a promise. Oh, there's some stonking artwork for the single too, that's we'll try and show you soon...


Tendency was made single of the week by Zane Lowe on Radio One last week - which we thank him for very much. It's still not out for a few more weeks, so do keep requesting it from your local and national radio stations. Thank you...


  We appeared on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show last week performing our new single 'Tendency' and our last single 'Demons'. It was a good un' all things told, and you can listen back for the   new few days here: Also, a third session track will be broadcast this Tuesday, so have a listen and let us know what you think..


Donny! We've added another date to the UK tour - this time to replace our cancelled gig in Pontefract. So we'll be hitting up the Doncaster Leopard on February 21st. Only a month's time! Come along, do... 


Our first Transgressive Records release in September last year, 'Demons', has been voted the third best single of 2005 in the Rough Trade shops' poll. We're very honoured, especially as Rough Trade are great... the whole list can be seen here: 


Back to the studio... Today we head off to Jacobs Studio in Surrey to finish recording the album. Being that The Smiths' 'The Queen Is Dead' was recorded there, we're doubly excited. There'll probably be some bits up on the media page soon of the band gurning, sleeping, drinking and occasionally working...


Following their appearance at the long-sold-out Clap Your Hands Say Yeah NME gig, the band will be hanging about Koko for a few more hours in order to play Club NME - that's Friday 10th February. Come one, come all... 


American dates have been announced! Yes indeed, Battle are off to the big music convention that is SxSW (South by South West) in Austin, TX and will sandwich it with dates in New York then LA. An exciting March - full dates in the 'Live' section.


The next single will be released on March 6th, will have a couple of new, exclusive b-sides and will be called 'Tendency' - a fancy, re-recorded version with strings and everything. Mixes are approved, mastering is booked in for this Tuesday, and all is well. It will be available on CD and vinyl and all-new fancy download shenanigans. Expect to hear it on a radio station near you from next week...


Radio Session: Battle are recording a radio session for Zane Lowe's Evening Session show next week, to be broadcast later that week. We'll have more information, like a broadcast date, for you as soon as we get it. In the meantime, the band are off to the studio again round the same time to finish recording the album. 


As the new year awaits, we're driven to contemplate the words of Death Cab For Cutie: "So this is the new year / And I have no resolutions / For self assigned penance/ For problems with easy solutions" - we haven't really thought about these words, but they seem pretty cool. a quick update: There's a new page in Writings for people's words on Wicked Owl - if you see anymore, email Gareth (find him in the Personnel page) and he can put them up. The response has been brilliant, and a quick google shows that we're getting love in Japan, America, Netherlands, France and Germany. The record company will be pleased. Additionally, we can tell you that the world now seems to think that the new Battle LP is going to be named in contention with the new Strokes record. Its not. Irony people... irony. We're going back to work on Wednesday, as soon as Jamie gets back from New York (tsk - we're jealous) and everyone's digested the leftover turkey and coffee Roses left in the tim. Um, oh yes. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL. And spare a thought for Tim, as it's his birthday on New Year's Eve and he always gets forgotten. Sob.


Tour update: We've scheduled a Birmingham date for the Feb/March tour (see the Live page) - March 7th. We're also hoping to slip in another date somewhere too...


Hello all, we, probably like many of you, are done for the year - eight days left of it as it is. We've had an amazing 2005, and we'd like to thank all of you for your help and support, and generally making it so. We'll reconvene twelve days to continue our aural assault on the world. Have a wonderful holiday and see you all soon. We're reaching out here, buddies...


Congratulations to our good friend Dru Dempsey, who appears to be getting hitched. We know this because he proposed to his beautiful fiancée at our gig at the Water Rats on Wednesday -  which was quite a night all round, by the way.  Oh, and we finished mixing the next single today and we're all very happy with it. Joy to the world!


As mentioned in the header above, ticket details for the February/March tour are available now in the Live section, including our biggest ever headline London show and hopefully we'll be adding some extra dates soon. Keep 'em peeled. Supports TBA, but we're hoping to invite along four or five top notch new bands.


There's something new for you to watch and laugh at  in the studio section on the 'Media' page. Well, you might laugh, or perhaps merely break into floods of tears at the fragility of human life. Oh the humanity. "We Got It Guys. Good Job": here


TOUR! TOUR! TOUR! We're heading out to support our next single (released late Feb/Early March) at the end of February into March, so come along. Confirmed dates so far are in the 'Live' section, so check them out. Ticket details, phone no.s and links will be announced on Monday (19th). Hope to see you all at one of the shows (or more, if you're feeling fruity).


The 6music gig at the Water Rats, London has sold out of advance tickets, we're afraid. There will be a very, very few on the door (doors at 7pm) and if anybody leaves the gig (hem hem), there will be a one-in, one out policy. If you can't come to this, or missed out, we'll be announcing a full UK tour for 2006 next week, plus there's already an announced NME show on the Gigs Page. Go!


Today, Neil, Gareth and Toby (check the Personnel Section) went to visit Battle and Gareth the producer in the studios. They were very excited by what they'd heard, as progress was being made on Tendency, Sit With Me, One More Night, Takuya and Children. Then the visiting trio ate all of Battle's Ferrero Roche and left. Shocking. There's photographic and moviegraphic evidence now up here.


So now the band are tucked away recording their record in deepest, leafiest Lincolnshire. But what's it like? What actually goes on in such heady times? Well, thanks to modern technology that involves cameras, bluetoothes and emales - or something, you can see for yourself. Yes, in an act of true transparency (and certainly not egotism, we have created a pictorial record of the magic event. You can see said images by clicking on the 'Media' page and scrolling to the bottom. Or you can click the link here. God bless you.


Battle's 'Wicked Owl' download (available a week on Monday but streaming on Myspace NOW fellas) has been granted residency on the XFM Evening Playlist, which for a free, on-the-quiet download, is pretty bloody weapon in our opinion. Weapon. Check our bad, street-talking selves. So go have a little listen to XFM and give them and us your support. you can listen on line on - and they're pretty good at reading out and reacting to texts and emails... John Kennedy especially has been supportive, and he's probably got the best show on the radio FULL STOP, so that's a bonus... There's been Radio One plays too, so keep those ears peeled...


Battle have been confirmed to support the excellent Clap Your Hands Say Yeahat Koko, London on February 10th 2006. Which we're very excited about. It's one of those clever NME awards gig sponsored by a hair product.  tickets are available here and we recommend that you get one soon, as they're sure to sell out very quickly.


Some vague press and stuff update: Battle's 'Tendency' demo has been bigged up in the NME year book by a  lovely New York DJ duo. It's in their top ten in the 'Essential Tracks' bit of the publication or something. Hail New York! And also, 'Wicked Owl' is set for its debut airing on Steve Lamacq's BBC Radio 1 show tonight. That is all.


We've been added to the bill for 2006's South by South West event in Austin in March, which is very exciting indeed - it will be our first foray over the Atlantic, and we're currently working on some other shows while we're there, possibly in New York and LA. We let you know when we know, as they say. 


Our record label, the lovely Transgressive Records have just released their first ever Podcast. We're not sure what a Podcast is, but we think it's a good thing. Although we're not on this one (tsk!), we wholeheartedly recommend that you download it and play it through your eyetoons, as it has Tim and Toby bickering like old ladies (can we say that in this day and age?) and they play lots of good music by our fellow Transgressors Jeremy Warmsley, Larrikin Love and Ladyfuzz, among others). Get it here: (where you can also download a very good Wichita Records one as well). We've been assured we'll be on the next one. We'd better be Tim and Toby...


Welcome to the final month of 2005, a year that's been exciting, enthralling and frankly, knackering. The response to 'Wicked Owl' has been hugely flattering, and thank you to all the people who have taken the time out to listen to it on Myspace and leave their thoughts on the comments boards.


Being contrary people, we've decided that we're not going to make a record in Battle. The Gods of irony might have looked dimly upon us. So we're going to a small town in Lincoln from Thursday next week to get cracking. In the meantime, we appear to be haemorrhaging new songs from our instruments. In the past two weeks, we've toyed around with three or four, and some will definitely make the record. The others will exist in some form or other too, of course. Stay Lucky x


The album sessions are set to start in 10 days time on the first Monday of December. We've narrowed down our studio options and amusingly, high on the list, is a place in East Sussex. A place called Battle, specifically... Who'd have thought that such irony would befall us? An album's worth of songs have been narrowed down and we've got a fair idea of what will be appearing on it, though there's a whole clutch of other songs that we will record that will probably appear on singles and EPs somewhere along the line...


'Wicked Owl' has been finished, as we took a school outing to the hallowed grounds that are Abbey Road Studios in North West London to see the song mastered. It was done by a man called Nick Webb who has been there for for 37-odd years... astounding... We think it sounds ace, and it will be appearing on a website near you soon - next week hopefully.


Tickets for the Battle 6Music gig are on sale NOW. Go here to buy, or just hit up yourself...


Aware that we’ve hardly been out of the house since the Autumn, there’s work ongoing to sort the next tour. Most likely it will be in February 2006. Which really isn’t that far away. Just making sure we record a record before then, but hopefully we’ll announce dates before the end of the year. There’s a lot of places we’ve not been to in the British Isles yet, so hopefully we be up to places like the North East this time round. And we’ll also be hopefully getting to Northern Ireland and Eire. Exciting times… Oh, yes, and hopefully we might even fly overseas soon after that.


Additionally to playing their Xmas party, Battle are to be 6Music's Band Of The Week the week beginning 12/12/05 - the boys will be recording a special interview this week to be broadcast during that period, and they should hopefully be replaying the boy's acoustic set plus the likes of 'Isabelle', 'Demons' and the new download track 'Wicked Owl' over the seven days.



the bill for the Xmas gig is now confirmed as this:
BBC 6 Music & Club Fandango present:
Wednesday December 21st 2005
London Kings Cross Water Rats
(328 Grays Inn Road, London WC1 X 8BZ. 020 7837 7269)
battle onstage 10.00pm - Ticket details TBC - announced soon.


Just a note to tell you that, due to some technical difficulties (i.e. someone hit that big red DELETE button), all the info on the band's Forum has disappeared, never to return again. Fortunately, it's not the worst thing in the world. Because, frankly, there was a lot of nonsense on there. Now it's a blank template for new strokes of comedy genius from your brushes of wit. So hurry on over there. It's linked in the left hand menu bar, don't you know...


Hello from a studio in Westest London. We're mixing our download track with a nice man called Mr Jones. It's sounding great. Some of the band are nursing hangovers. One person associated with the band had to be up at 8.30am after partying and hitting the sack at 4am. It looks like he's wearing the same clothes as last night, and frankly, he looks terrible. A cautionary tale of vodka and undelivered hard discs.


So... we played the Vice party last night. Wow. 800 odd people running round 95% of whom were completely trashed. Us poor Battle souls didn't know where to look. We played hard and we played with commitment and intensity. That's all we could do. For those who didn't have two drinks in their hands (it was a free bar for all involved), thanks for clapping. And whoever heckled Towers of London off stage... shame on you...


A quick note about the gig on 21st December at the Water Rats - tickets aren't available yet, but as soon as they are - we'll post something up. We expect they'll be on sale on from which is good as, there's no extortionate booking fees. This is unconfirmed however. Call it a informed guess.


Today Battle are in the studio recording a song. It is called 'Wicked Owl' and will hopefully be featuring on a downloadable area of the internet near you soon. It's a taster for the LP which, in no way is meant to be an indication of the LP... Ah, such contrary nonsense. More info when we um, tell you.


Work on songs for the next single (Tendency?) continue. 'Beautiful Dynasty' has been given a Trinny and Susannah style make-over and it's now a tuneful, humming beast. A second song nears the finish line in its waltzing, Station to Station loveliness. I swear Jason's singing the words 'Pineapple girl'... lovely.


Last night's gig at Brixton with New Order went well. In that no-one threw anything at the band, and there was no (audible) heckling. In fact, the response was rather good. Very little has been said by any members of the band since they witnessed Bernard Sumner's dancing. They could never be able to do that...

There's pictures of the gig up now on the forum, including a couple we took ourselves, crap camera phones and all...


There was a new song completed today, as album preparations continue apace. Outkast drums, seagull guitars and a big ending. Hopefully Jason will change its current title. But things are good and the general mood is great in Camp Battle. Who's the campest Battle? We can't decide. It depends what mood Oli's in when he wakes up.


Hello and welcome to the new site. We hope you think it's better than the old one. While it's in no way perfect, it is in its little own way, quite perfect. Round the time of our next single proper (early 2006) there should be some stupid ridiculous site that makes you tea and tells you the time in Canada, but this is something to get your teeth into. And yes, we have shunned pictures. The visual aesthetic is largely lost on us. 
Over in the 'Writings' section, you can find some lyrics, a nascent journal, some ramblings from various band members, and a whole bunch of things that other people have written about us. Some of them are quite nice.
If you want to listen or look at something, try the'media' section: there's a couple of tasty recordings and things...


Hi there, We're sad to tell you that we've had to cancel the dates in Europe with the Rakes, as Jason's been ill recently. We will be able to play the gig at the Amsterdam Paradiso on Saturday though. So maybe see some of you there - it's a cracking line-up...

On top of that, there's a few dates to put in the diary:

5th Amsterdam - Paradiso (London Calling event)

17th London - Turnmills (Vice 3rd Birthday Party)

21st London - Water Rats (BBC 6music Christmas Party)

On top of that, we're going to start recording the LP before the end of the year, and there should be something new to look at website-wise very soon...


Hi there, thanks to all who came to see us on our September tour, as well as those who pitched up for our XFM gig at the Brixton Academy a few weeks ago - twas fun.

No UK gigs planned at the moment - we're writing and recording, though hopefully there'll be something new for you to hear by the end of the year (that's not too long away!) Before that though, we're off on mini-European jaunt with our good friends The Rakes, as well as playing the London Calling event in Amsterdam. Dates below:


Hi there - firstly, please note RESCHEDULED CAMBRIDGE GIG:

For reasons beyond the band's control, the gig at Cambridge Cellar Bar8 has been changed to the the next day (now Sunday 25th) and it will now take place at the Portland Arms. Hope it doesn't inconvenience anyone who was planning to go. All tickets for the previous day are still valid.

...and a few things to look out for:

Firstly on the 29th September - the same day as the gig at the 100 Club - the band will be recording and performing live a session for XFM's Ian Camfield on Music:Reponse.

There will be three tracks: two performed live around 7.30-8.30pm and one other recorded for another day.

The next day, the band will be performing acoustically on Gideon Coe's 6Music show between 10am-12pm - the 30th September.

The same day, you could also pootle over to Puregroove Records on Holloway Road, London to see the band perform another acoustic set around 6pm and then if you want, get them to doodle on your Battle discs.